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As a tech and science company, we're deeply invested in molecular biology research. By collaborating with us, innovators access specialized resources, expertise, and a vibrant community of professionals. Our mission is to turn pioneering research into tangible products, merging innovative ideas with real-world applications, and driving solutions for today and tomorrow's challenges.

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2023 - GENO-PEST

Development of a genotyping kit for the rapid on-site detection and identification of Yersinia pestis isolates.

2023 - FIT-BI (PF-MSCA-EU)

Development of rapid diagnostic kits allowing real-time bacterial identification and

prediction of antimicrobial susceptibility patterns in materno-foetal infections.

2022 - PrediMAP (RHU-ANR)

Test for predictability of preterm delivery within 10 days after consultation for PTL Preterm labour.

2022 - REACTION (BPI France)

Establishment of a reactive and versatile microbiological surveillance capability, based on the assessment of risks as they arise.


A new rapid nucleic acid isolation microchip integrated into Chronos Dx for infectious disease diagnosis.

2021 - CovVaDiS (AMI-BPI France)

Detection of the carriage of SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and to be monitored on the national territory.

2021 - ReSiDiag (BPI France)

Deploy rapid, decentralized, adaptable and easily mobilized IVD solutions to fight health crisis situations


Development of a microfluidic point-of-care qPCR platform for the diagnosis of dengue.


Development of polymers for high sensitivity multiplex PCR assays.

2019 - FASTGENE AR (Rapid-DGA)

Automation of the pre-treatment and process reliability.

2017 - INSPIRE (PSPC-BPI France)

Rapid, multiplex, microfluidic point-of-care diagnostic test for the prevention of perinatal infections.

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