Protect life, preserve resources & prevent biothreats.

Advanced molecular analysis technologies to harness the power of the microbiota for all needs in the field.

Our breakthrough technologies

Discover disruptive technologies that push the limits of molecular biology to make communities of microorganisms your allies.


Fastgene allows multiplex real-time PCR down to 5 min with state of the art performances in sensitivity and specificity.

High Content PCR

High Content PCR (hcPCR) increases the number of PCR targets in a single reagent by its capability to distinguish several probes in a single fluorescent channel.

Molecular Petri Dish

The Molecular Petri Dish makes digital PCR faster, easier and more multiplex by using a specially designed photoactivated or thermoactivated gel which digitalizes PCR using molecular diffusion as a spatial separator.

Smart Dropper

A new way to perform PCR protocols at the sample collection site. Smart Dropper makes PCR simpler and accessible to anyone with the same performance as traditional protocols. Experience the future of molecular biology, where every need are met instantly and with precision.

Our market applications

Experience the future of molecular biology, where every need are met instantly and with precision.

Chronos Platform exploits the full potential of BforCure technologies brought together in a single product.

Chronos meets the requirements of delocalized molecular biology to carry out diagnostics directly at the sample collection sites.

Whether in the service of clinical diagnosis, water quality analysis, food production or beverages, each user benefits from both rapid analysis and unparalleled accuracy of results in terms of detection and analysis of microorganisms communities.

Chronos also exists in a version for medical purpose, following requirements of the EU regulation for medical device.

Our commitment to collaborative research

Because we are a deeptech company founded by engineers and scientists, we are fully committed to collaborative research projects so that today's research projects result in tomorrow's innovative solutions.

" We push the limits in the analysis and understanding of living organisms to build a better world and improve the health of populations! "

Maël Le Berre, PhD - Founder & CEO of BforCure

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