Predictive molecular microbiology.

Discover the disruptive technologies that push the limits of molecular biology to make communities of microorganisms your allies.

The world’s first point-of-need molecular analysis at the single microorganism level.

Powered by 3 disruptive technologies, Chronos™ can reveal the precise composition of the microbiota and quantify relevant biomarkers predicting the impact and the interactions of the microbiota with its environment, in as little as 5 minutes.


  • Fast time to results, down to 5 minutes
  •  Easy to use, adapted to on-field analysis.
  • Lightweight

Deep microbiota analysis:

  • Analysis at the single microorganism level
  • Quantitative measurements for each microorganism
  • Single molecule detection capabilities

Application-specific interpretation:

  • Generic or application-specific analysis kits
  • Risk and opportunities predictive algorithms
  • Data enhanced interpretation interface

Our breakthrough technologies

At BforCure, our patented breakthroughs empower us to design and commercialize highly valued products, facilitating the rapid identification and characterization of microorganisms wherever necessary. Discover how Chronos™ completes qPCR analysis in as little as 5 minutes with multiplexing capabilities, and learn how the Molecular Petri Dish™ could shift the paradigm of microbiota detection and qualification.

Our applications

Designed for decentralized molecular biology, Chronos™ facilitates on-site diagnostics directly at sample collection points, serving a wide range of fields from environmental monitoring and water quality assessment to food and beverage production, as well as NRBC defense.

Additionally, the medical version, Chronos™ Dx, is fully compliant with EU medical device regulations, further extending its applicability to healthcare and in vitro diagnostics (IVD).

Our products

We offer our products in kits and packs for research purposes and provide several models for acquisition. Additionally, we have a product line specifically designed for IVD-regulated laboratories.

Collaborative research

BforCure, a deeptech company founded by engineers and scientists, is deeply committed to collaborative research projects that aim to enhance global health.

" We push the limits in the analysis and understanding of living organisms to build a better world and improve the health of populations! "

Maël Le Berre, PhD - Founder & CEO of BforCure

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