Our Life Science product range


The fastest highly multiplex (RT-)qPCR solution worldwide.

  • Full analysis down to 5 minutes (40 cycles + initial denaturation)
  • User-friendly setup and operation
  • Open to a wide range of reagents
  • Low footprint

Ultra-Fast Lysis pack

Access genetic material easily in as little as 10 seconds.

  • The fastest lysis solution worldwide
  • Lysis efficiency comparable to bead beating
  • Easy and safe
  • Cost-effective

Bflash qPCR Master Mixes

Ultra-fast and versatile (RT-)qPCR reagents for every application.

  • Down to 5 minutes amplification with Chronos
  • Optimized for low primer-dimers interference
  • 'Plug and play': simply add primers and probes to start an analysis
  • Suitable with a wide range of PCR and qPCR machines
  • Bulk or unitary conditioning for point-of-need applications

Ultra-Fast Analysis pack - Basic

Your fast and easy detection and quantification pack. From extraction to analysis in minutes.

  • Everything you need from sampling to results in 2 steps
  • Microwave lysis: down to 1 minute sample preparation
  • Chronos ultra-fast RT-PCR analysis
  • Optimized for unitary testing
  • Suitable for concentrated biological samples

Ultra-Fast Analysis pack - Liquid samples

These packs are designed to assist you with the handling and preparation of liquid samples in minutes.

  • Optimized for low-concentrated samples
  • Everything you need from sample to results
  • Chronos ultra-fast RT-PCR analysis

Available in two formats:

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