hcPCR testing platform at the point-of-need

Chronos platform

The only point-of-need hcPCR platform to accurately detect more than 7 micro-organisms in less than 10 minutes in a single unit test everywhere, at anytime for everyone.

Human health

Clinical diagnostics

Our technologies give healthcare professionals a diagnostic and preventive advantage through advanced microbiota analysis, delivering unparalleled accuracy, speed and visibility, ensuring holistic patient care and proactive health management.

Natural resources

Water quality

Our technologies equip water monitoring professionals with superior sensitivity, accuracy, and reliability, enhancing biological assessment and ensuring pristine water quality standards.

Food & beverages


Our technologies offer winemakers and oenology laboratories unprecedented precision and quality in the results in the analysis of microorganisms present at all stages of winemaking to prevent the risks of contamination, react quickly and efficiently and reduce the use of inputs.


CBRN security

Our technologies provide CBRN safety professionals with unmatched detection accuracy, rapid response capabilities, and robust adaptability, ensuring optimal protection against complex threats.


Research lab

Our technologies provide research laboratories with unparalleled efficiency, precision and scalability, transforming the trajectory of research projects that require pushing the boundaries of molecular biology and leading to faster breakthroughs.

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