Point-of-need machine


The only point-of-need and multiplex machine capable of accurately completing 40-cycle RT-qPCR in as little as 5 minutes, all within a single unit test.

Reaserch Use Only

Life Science

Our technologies are designed to support research laboratories by enhancing efficiency, precision, and scalability. We aim to contribute to the advancement of projects that push the boundaries of molecular biology, facilitating more rapid breakthroughs.

Natural resources

Water quality

Our technologies are developed to assist water monitoring professionals by offering improved sensitivity, accuracy, and reliability. Our goal is to support the enhancement of biological assessments and help maintain high standards of water quality.

Human health

Clinical diagnostics

Our technologies are designed to support healthcare professionals by providing diagnostic and preventive insights through advanced microbiota analysis. We aim to contribute to holistic patient care and proactive health management by enhancing accuracy, speed, and visibility in our processes.


CBRN defense

Our technologies are crafted to assist CBRN safety professionals by offering enhanced detection accuracy, swift response capabilities, and strong adaptability. We aim to support the provision of optimal protection against complex threats, contributing to safer environments.

Food & beverages


Our technologies are designed to support winemakers and oenology laboratories by enhancing the precision and quality of analyses of microorganisms present at all stages of winemaking. We aim to help in preventing contamination risks, facilitating quick and efficient reactions, and reducing the use of inputs.

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