Ultra-Fast Analysis pack - Liquid samples - 2mL

We developped a protocol designed to assist you with the detection of microorganisms in small liquid samples for a wide range of applications. This 'plug and play' pack comes complete with all materials needed for the task. Simply integrate your primers and probes with the Bflash Master Mix, and identify and quantify microorganisms of interest in just 5 to 30 minutes using qPCR.

The process begins with filtering the sample to eliminate inhibitors and potential analytical interferences. The genetic material of interest is accessed using the µWave Lyser. The Bflash Master Mix, to which primers and probes are added, is then used to perform an ultra-fast qPCR with Chronos™.

The kit includes the protocol file, Chronos™, Chronos™ Control Test, Chronos™ Control Chips, Chronos™ Chips RUO, Bflash PCR Master Mix, Vortex, Mini Centrifuge, µWave Lyser, Microwave Lysis Buffer and a Sample Preparation Pack for Liquid Samples 2mL (25 reactions).

The Sample Preparation Pack for Liquid Samples 2mL (25 reactions) includes Tubes, Cell Strainers, Microwave Lysis Buffer.


  • Up to 2mL liquid samples

  • Sample types : beverages (wine, beer...), water, saliva, urine and more

  •  Compatible with a wide range of applications

  • Plug and Play

  • Variable strainers size to suit your application

  • Ultra-fast qPCR analysis (5-30 minutes)

  • Primers design assistance

Would you like to save even more time ? 

BforCure can help you design custom primers for your ultra-fast qPCR. 

Receive your primers sequence tomorrow.

Application notes

5-minutes RT-qPCR using Chronos™.

Detection of Brettanomyces bruxellensis in wine samples.

16-minutes VRE detection directly from rectal swabs.

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