We are a deeptech company dedicated to exploring microbiota to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Understanding microbiomes today is a major challenge in the fields of health, agriculture, resource preservation and security because these microorganisms play a fundamental and complex role in these areas. Their impact on human health, soil fertility, biodiversity, food security, and the prevention of biological threats makes it a crucial research area for addressing current and future challenges.

Our mission is to envision and develop groundbreaking molecular analysis technologies that empower organizations to create innovative, and high-value industrial solutions in the fields of prevention, health, well-being, food & beverages, agriculture, water quality and biological safety.

By advancing our understanding of microbiomes and their impacts, we provide the tools and knowledge needed to meet the health, environmental, industrial and economic challenges of today and tomorrow.

Meet our founders

Maël Le Berre, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Christophe Pannetier, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Meet our team leaders

Emilie Broussoux

Chief Financial Officer

Cyril Cerveau

Chief Human Ressources Officer

David Gray

Chief Technical Officer

Jérôme Iglesias

Chief Marketing Officer

Franck Parazza

Chief Sales Officer

Elena Zarareva-Becker

Chief Quality & Regulatory Affairs Officer

Meet our amazing team

Production Technician

Matthieu Abejean

Office Assistant

John-Ross Babon

AI Data Scientist

Laurent Basara, PhD

Prototyping Technician

Yacine Benchettara

Administrative Manager

Diana Carp

Production Technician

Rémi Colvil

R&D Manager

Erwan Crestel, PhD

R&D Computational Biology Project Manager

Perla El Darazi, PhD

R&D Manager

Godwill Engwa, PhD

Post-doc Researcher

Luria Founou

Hardware Production Manager

William Francisco

Biology Production Technician

Jordan Garcia

Marketing Project Manager

Xavier Hurtaud

Export Sales Administrator

Olga Kapshai

Microfluidics R&D Project Manager

Vivien Lacour, PhD

Microbiology Engineer

Laura Lesimple

Molecular Biology Technician

Maxime Lopinot

Chemical D&D Project Manager

Maryna Murlykina, PhD

Grant Project Manager

Veronica Negro, PhD

Doctoral Student

Olivia Petitcolas

Microbiology Engineer

Axel Philip, PhD

AI R&D Manager

Stéphane Poirier, PhD

R&D Molecular Biology Project Manager

Alma Ryskaliyeva, PhD

HR Manager

Karin Schell

Accounting Manager

Pascaline Scoazec

Sales Application Specialist

Bolaji Seffou

Hardware Engineering Manager

Eric Stahl-David

Service Agent

Stéphane Tenon

Production Technician

Sandrine Tissot

Digital Manager

Tewfik Zementzali

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